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~The 777 Ranch Club~

The Need: A way to help the ranch ministry keep up with the monthly operating expenses. Camper fees only cover the cost of the camper being here at the time (food, lodging, programs costs, etc.). Monthly operating expenses include utilities, insurance costs, fuel for tractors and vehicles, and office expenses, just to name a few.

The Purpose: To ask people to band together with the primary purpose of pooling resources for a common purpose—to reach the Rocky Mountain West with the gospel and to provide a place for churches and individuals to have their spiritual needs met and their lives enriched.

The Requirements: A willingness to pray for us on a regular basis and to contribute on a regular basis as God provides.

How to Join: If the Lord lays it on your heart to help out in this way, enter your name, address, e-mail address, and how much you wish to donate. Click here for the form.



P.O. Box 1025 • Ferron, Utah 84523 • (435) 749-9704 • info@777ranch.org