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Rick (Camp Director and Ranch Manager)
and Genny Benson

Rick and Genny

Rick has been involved in Christian camping since the early 1960s at various locations in Southern California, beginning with washing dishes and leading trail rides to being horsemanship director and acting camp director. After serving at Ironwood Christian Camp in California for sixteen years, he felt called of the Lord to develop a new camp ministry in an area whose population was involved with horses and cattle, using those as a tool for ministry. He moved his family to Ferron, Utah, in 1996 and has since been working to build the facilities and to develop the 777 Ranch programs.

Having previously served as a school teacher, a camp counselor, camp kitchen menu planner and purchaser, Genny now oversees the 777 Ranch kitchen, the ranch hand girls' program, housekeeping, and correspondence. She and Rick have five grown children, two of whom currently serve on staff. Their youngest son Tye is in an apprentice program in Arizona, hoping to one day return to the 777 Ranch to serve in the livestock area.

  Brad and Julie Benson


As both a child and teenager, Brad always wanted to be a part of camp, whether it involved gathering cattle, building fence, or driving machinery. His jobs during the summer now primarily include working with the ranch hand guys, marketing hay, overseeing the farming and irrigation, and repairing equipment. In addition, he oversees the cattle operation year round. On the side Brad runs a small trucking business for a living.

Julie and Brad met at college and he convinced her that cowboys weren't just in the movies and that they were real in Utah! Since marrying Brad, she has learned to love the West. She oversees landscaping projects, works with the ranch hand girls, and periodically helps with cooking and cleaning. Added to her responsibilities are being a mom to Travis and Tucker and being Brad's office manager for their business.

Katie Benson


Upon graduation from college in 2010 with a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences and a minor in Business Technology, Katie returned to the 777 Ranch where she uses her abilities to help the ranch ministry year round. She serves as a secretary to her dad (Rick), organizes the horsemanship camps and church retreats, teaches in the various camp programs, works in the horse and cattle operations, and helps with housekeeping and cooking.

Jean Morlan


Jean and her late husband Don began cooking breakfast for campers in the late 1990s, first on a camp stove on the porch of what is now the Snack Shack and later on a modern grill and stove in the lodge! Jean continues to volunteer as head breakfast cook, helping with other meals, housekeeping, and anything else that needs attention, along with teaching ranch hand girls.

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