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~Youth Programs~

Horsemanship Camps: This camp is a leveled program geared for ages 12 and above. The week is full of fun and learning and goes from Sunday evening through Saturday morning. Horsemanship Camp I and Horsemanship Camps II, III, and IV are not levels of camp but are the four weeks of youth horsemanship camp that we offer. Youth of all different riding levels attend each one.

2021 Youth Horsemanship Camp Brochure
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Kids' Horsemanship Day Camp: Kids who are too young to go to our regular horsemanship camp enjoy this program as a good substitute. Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., kids ages 8-11 can enjoy many of the activities of regular horsemanship but that are geared for their ages. The day's activities include lunch, horseback games and instruction, water games in the park, and crafts.

2021 Kids' Horsemanship Day Camp Flyer
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